Partido X.

Comisión Anticorrupción

Anti-Corruption Commission

The X Party’s Anti-Corruption Commission works to create, use and share tools and secure channels to promote a genuine network of citizen surveillance to swiftly and thoroughly uncover and prosecute relevant information regarding corruption.

All the elements we need to build a citizen network to monitor and control corruption are there. All the necessary information is there and often it is not only legal, but also public. Not only do we live surrounded by corruption, we are also surrounded by information. The task is to ensure that this information reaches the right person and that doing it does not involve any risks.

If you are a citizen in this country, you are sure to be outraged. If you are an expert in corruption for sure you are overwhelmed. Aware of that our governments are engaged in strangling the budget for the fight against corruption. It is our responsibility as citizens to organize in order to reverse this situation.

From the X Party we are helping citizens and citizen groups that organize against corruption and / or have relevant information to fight it, so that their complaints are publicly known and can be moved forward while remaining legally safe.

If you are in this situation, we may be able to help. Use our XnetLeaks to safely communicate with journalists and specialists.