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23 abril, 2014


LIST OF CITIZENS’ NETWORK X PARTY for the European Elections #EP2014


1. Hervé Falciani

Expert on financial corruption and great banking frauds. Anti-corruption systems based on monitoring, control and warning. Coordinator for the Anti-corruption commission of the Citizens’ Network X Party.

He studied Systems Engineering in the Sophia Anípolis technological park. In 2009 he started to actively cooperate with the Justice system of different countries. He did so by providing them with information about 130.000 non-declared bank accounts held in Switzerland by such a number of vast fortunes. This information is known as the Falciani list. Currently, and based on what has been learnt through studying the data contained in the list, he works in the development of monitoring and control systems to avoid the political and financial corruption, and also in computer systems to monitor the financial flows.

Activity in Europe
Because of his knowledge of computer systems and of how the financial system functions, he is the most suitable person to manage projects set up in order to restrict tax fraud and to build monitoring systems for the banks, at a European level. Falciani will be a watchful asset to the banking policies and he will promote projects and policies for the citizens’ control of the financial flows. He will connect and catalyse initiatives in the fields of transparency and banking control.

Modus vivendi
He has been working for the INRIA (in French: National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) for many years. He started as a researcher in the field of artificial intelligence within European projects. Over the last few months, working from INRIA, he has provided technical support to the Spanish Ministry of Economy, for a monthly salary of 3.500€. He owns, together with his wife, an apartment for which they are paying a mortgage.

2. Simona Levi

Expert in systems aimed towards the renewal of Democracy in the digital era. Expert in communication. She is a developer of the method on which the Citizens’ Network X Party is based.

3. Raúl Burillo

Fights against corruption, the great fiscal fraud and to achieve a more just tributary system.

4. Susana Martín Belmonte

Economy. Creation of a new productive model from a new financial model.

5. Sergio Salgado

New routes for the organization of citizens. 15MPaRato activist.

6. Juan Moreno Yagüe

Control and fighting against criminal activity of banks against their smaller customers. OP Euribor, dispossessed and victims of Bankia´s preferential shares scam.

7. Marcelo Expósito

He works in the field of culture, acting as a teacher. He investigates social transformation movements.

8. Daniel Pérez Grande

Researcher: PhD student in Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion Physics. Competences in Research and Development.

9. Leonor Pérez Zafón

She studied Economics and Business Administration. She is a specialist in SMEs. She is self-employed and an entrepreneur.

11. Joaquín Pagola

Active Employment Policies linked to the Europe 2020 Strategy.

12. Raúl Royo

Political Economy.

13. Jose Luís Porcar

Public Social protection systems, Retirement pensions.


  1. Nieves Montaño he is between Leonor Pérez Zafón and Joaquín Pagola due to gender parity requirements
    1. Patricia Duarte Carrafiello
    2. Maria Ferrer-Vidal Diaz del Riguero
    1. Pastora Millán Moya
    2. Mª Amparo Ramírez Morcillo
    3. Javier Toret Medina
    4. Pau López Triquell
    5. Alfonso Sánchez Moreno
    1. Anna Gordillo Torras
    2. Bárbara Sánchez Flores
    3. Miguel Aguilera Lizarraga
    4. Rafael Berlanga Tabernero
    5. Juan Callado Rojo
    1. Alicia Maria Ruiz Aranda
    2. Pilar Gonzalez Cid
    3. Carmelo Ordóñez Sanabria
    4. Alberto López Rubio
    5. Florencio Cabello Fernández-Delgado
    1. María del Pino Pérez Moreno
    2. Murielle Ingrid Medina Denoux
    3. Jose Luis Palacios Guerrero
    4. Luis Herves Carrasco
    5. Javier Gallego Rodríguez
    1. Mª Montserrat Padrón Capote
    2. Miriam Lorente Quirantes
    3. Armando Nieto Díaz
    4. Jesús Madero Pérez
    5. Rafael Cubiles Gutiérrez
    1. Tamara Isabel López Castillo
    2. Marta Felipe Soria
    3. Jesús Maria Herruzo Luque
    4. Jose ignacio Vallejo Segura
    5. David Ruiz Rodriguez
    1. Carmen Cordero Fernández
    2. Benita Josefa Salgado Rivero
    3. Pedro José Rosa Romero
    4. Jose Manuel Pumarega Conde
    5. Ramón Andres Feenstra
    1. Sofía González Salgado
    2. Isabel María Flores Lorenzo
    3. Luis Molero Queipo
    4. Jonatan Rodriguez Arcas


  1. Isabel Sánchez Flores
  2. Rubén Sáez Fraile



Isabel Sánchez

General and media coordinator

Maddalena Falzioni

Digital tools coordinator

Rubén Saez

General coordinator and legal team

Javier Toret

Communication and networks

Pau López

Facebook Community and graphics edition coordinator

Alfonso Sánchez

Live coordination of technical team. Website and streaming

Alberto López Rubio

Technical team

Jose Luís Palacios

Thematic and logistics coordinator

Susana Sanz

Streaming and chronicler

Pau Montserrat

Expert in Economics

Juan Branco

Expert in European Union

Miguel Aguilera

Networks analysis

Jorge Mota

Administration Team

Lucía Bentué

Graphics team

Edurne San

Graphics team

Carmelo Ordóñez

Logistics Team

Amparo Ramírez

neXo (Citizens’ Network X Party internal communication tool) administration

Octavio Ramos

neXo (Citizens’ Network X Party internal communication tool) administration


The following committees of independent experts take part as election campaign advisors:

If you like to know how this list was created according to the Method for creation of Citizens’ Open Lists, click here.