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X Party’s method

The X Party is a working method to radically change the channels through which democracy works and the role of what, until now, has been called ‘political parties’.

The X Party was unveiled on 2013, announcing that they had already won in the future. This is happening now.

We are seeing how the proposed methodology is being continuously mimicked and replicated. This method shows how the rational future of Democracy will be. Democracy will either work in this way, or it will not work at all, undeserving of its name.

Actually, we have already won in the future. Soon, what we are proposing, which today seems unbelievable, will be the norm. It is only necessary to throw it out into the world with enough impact, so that it may never be neglected again.
For example: it is absurd that we are the only political platform in the world that uploads its detailed budget and receipts so that everyone may see it. From now on, nobody will be able to speak about transparency without doing the same. This is what the ‘X Party’s method’ strives to achieve; this is what it was created for.

@hermes_47 Nothing will ever be the same with this ‘outsider from the system’, strange democratizing hybrid that is @Partido_X, provocateur of changes ‘within the system’. (Translated tweet)

Here are the master strokes of the Method upon which the X Party is formed, we offer it to those who wish to understand it and practice it:

  • It is not an ideology, its a methodology.
  • Work and logics.
  • Justice, democracy and accountability.
  • A functioning based on the scientific community: private research, open results.
  • Is ideology recognized here? Yes, to each their own, in their hearts.
  • It is not about been united; it is a federation of competencies.
  • Facing politics should be based on specific actions, not on unions based on ideology.
  • Nothing is forever, but things should function around specific actions.
  • The Devil is in the detail. A lack of details is simply demagoguery.
  • We never start from scratch. All of the ingredients are already there.
  • We cook our proposals with what we have at our disposal, not with what we would like to have.
  • Anyone proposing something is responsible for carrying it out.
  • We reject vertical organizations which oppress us and horizontal organizations which paralyze our functioning. We act as a Network.
  • Making Democracy functional.
  • Sequential participation.
  • Involvement implies assuming responsibilities. Giving one’s opinion without acting will not change reality.
  • Democracy is not based around opinions. It is also not an on-line poll. Democracy means organizing our potential taking into account our differences.
  • Democracy is not about thinking in a one single way, that is ‘pensée unique’. It is about living together in the difference.
  • Decisions are made based on weighting mechanisms, not polarized through voting systems, ‘yes’ – ‘no’; ‘like’ – ‘unlike’. Polarization favours those who wish to make us face each other.
  • Reducing dissent and increasing consensus through a well-informed society. Knowing allows us to make better decisions.
  • A speeding train heading towards achieving what we set out to achieve.
  • A diverse Network of individuals, which grows quickly, but is robust and remains synchronized (avoiding senseless inner quarrels).
  • Examples, not opinions.
  • Be radical, ask what is possible.
  • Traditional political parties are open to affiliation; the way that we organize ourselves in the Network is through mutual affinity and actions.
  • Being properly informed is also a way of acting.
  • Supporting something means remaining vigilant about it.
  • In order to function properly, we respect the 1-9-90 law.
  • Necessity -> Solutions -> Watchfulness.
  • Adult and Sovereign Citizens. Public Entities under Citizens’ control.
  • A party which is non-partisan.
  • Radical Democracy.
  • Aiming to impact the political agenda.
  • Stop talking about how everything is broken.
  • From anonymous rallies to non-rallies.
  • Rigorous work vs. senior posts.
  • An antidote against trolling, lobbyism, etc.
  • Ponderated open lists.
  • Transparent Funding methods; yes, you read right, transparent.
  • Isn’t it amazing? We actually upload our receipts and invoices. We seek transparency through publicizing these documents, not by showing drawings and diagrams.
  • Funding through alternative currencies.
  • Ending of the privileges associated to elected individuals. Ending demagoguery through arithmetic.
  • Generate channels for direct and specific action.
  • Background: aritmetica 20N.

Only the citizens can stop them. There is no better future than a good present

The tools we have created are not for sale, they are open to everyone and anyone who chooses to used them. We act in the same way as we do with the legal documents that we obtain through the lawsuits and court actions we carry out against those who play with corruption. We do this for every result coming from our work, research, practices and contents.

We only ask that all this work is recognized so that everybody can trace its origin and better understand the depth of the ‘why’ and the ‘how’; it is, after all, the fruit of more than 3 years of research and action.

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